Or so I hope. This cold that keeps hanging on seemed to get new life on the weekend. Back on the nyquil and hoping it goes away permanently. Its made keeping up with the workshops a little tougher than I’d hoped. I’m pretty well completely lurking in the mystery one and playing catch up in the Story Safari. Though I think I should be able to be caught up tomorrow. Just waiting on feedback on one assignment to see where I am. Revision wise, I’m so tired of this story. 🙂 Which hopefully means it’s good and once I move the new scenes in, takeRead More →

Finally heard back from Nero support on the issue with the file not importing so I can now attempt to update the book trailer once again. Be nice to finally have that over and done with and then I can concentrate on the last set of revisions. Figured out which project I’m going to use for the one plotting workshop this month. Decided to go with the new Christmas idea that I got last month. Maybe I can figure out where the story is going and get it done early enough for it to actually be up this year. 🙂  Read More →

Feeling a little swamped with the workshops all of a sudden. Since they’re all on a different aspect of writing, I’m working on three different wips. I finally decided which one I was going to use for the series bible one. I was tempted to go with Sabrina, but since I’m not entirely sure where I’d be headed in book two for that one, I went with Cruel Summer instead since I already have parts of Sorche’s story plotted and Ari’s too. Got a bit of motivation to finish off the revisions for one project this month. So see if I can squeeze that intoRead More →

Happy 2013 everyone!! It seemed like 2012 raced by in a blur. I honestly don’t remember much from September onwards, it just kept moving so quick. It’s like one day it was summer, then it was Halloween and then there was snow on the ground and Christmas. I’m hoping 2013 slows down a bit so I can catch my breath. 🙂 My one big new year’s resolution is to slow down. I definitely pushed myself too hard the last few months (which may be why I don’t remember much) and now I’m paying for it with a cold that won’t go away. Spent most ofRead More →