Working on editing/revising one of my manuscripts right now. Taking a break from working on the cover because I can’t get the font right. All the fonts I like don’t look good or readable as a thumbnail, and the ones that do look okay, I don’t like. Hoping I find one somewhere that’s readable and I really like. Taking a workshop on editing this month. We’re going through the manuscript looking for words we can cut. I started with 423 ‘look’. I’m down to 264 at the moment and would like to nudge that number down some more. The only bad thing is some ofRead More →

Happy 2012! I didn’t do anything really exciting last night. Felt a little sick, so stayed home and watched some movies. Did a little writing. Was trying to stay up for something, but ended up crashing around 2:30. On the plus side, what I added to the WIP isn’t bad and will probably stay in, so that’s a good thing. Taking two workshops this month, one started today, I think the other tomorrow. One’s on editing, the other something else. Interesting to see how it matches up to a side project idea I’ve been thinking about the last while.Read More →