I’m redoing the love scene in chapter eight. And I’m starting to wonder, just how hot is too hot?And if I go too hot once, am I going to be expected to go there again?I’m having a hard enough of a time with them right now as it is.Hmmmm… Ignore the babbles. Just felt the need to get these thoughts out of my head and down somewhere so I can finish the dang chapter and move on to editing 10. ~LissyRead More →

Ah, a new month. And hopefully a great one. Its usually the time when I start my seedlings so I’m very excited about that. Bought a whole bunch of new seeds over the last few weeks at Rona and Wal-Mart (not too mention I have my own seeds I harvested last year) so I foresee a summer full of beautiful flowers (I’ll post pics sometime ifI get the chance, I’m awfully proud of my green thumb! hehe)So the big news of yesterday and today, I checked my business account and found an email from one of the editors in London *gulp* which that caused aRead More →