I was going to start the blog by asking if this thing was on, since I haven’t blogged in quite awhile but with my computer luck this week I decided not to tempt fate. πŸ™‚ On Monday I went to boot up and got the black screen that informed me of Boot Manager problems which terrified me. To say I hadn’t exactly been backing up regularly would be an understatement and I didn’t really want to lose all of my workshops, work, notes, emails, etc since my last backup. It didn’t help that the day before I’d cleaned off two of my SD cards andRead More →

Thought I’d post this on the blog since the guy at the actual camera store said he’d never heard of this before. Maybe it’ll help someone else out πŸ™‚ Anyway, I have a nikon coolpix camera that started to act up a few weeks ago in the auto, continuous shoot mode. The first thing I did was check my sd cards because I had gotten a new one and yep, the freezing up was happening with the old cards too. So I emailed Nikon customer support asking clearly “how do I get my camera to respond when it freezes up” Obviously I was smart enoughRead More →