I’m in full deadline mode with this one going to an editor the second week in July. My mind is literally mush. I can go upstairs and forget what I was looking for. The best is opening a new tab and having no clue what webpage I wanted to go to. That one is happening way more than I’d like to admit to 🙂 On the plus side, I now have two lovely new covers. One for my women’s fiction and one for my young adult. No clue when I’m going to do anything with them, as after I take a mini vacation after IRead More →

Blake made his way through the sports bar to where Alec waited. He’d only been back in town a few days, but Avery hadn’t been far from his thoughts. He worried about her night and day. She’d replied to the few texts he’d sent, but there hadn’t been much there. Just a few words each time that basically let him know she was alive and doing okay, but he wanted to know she truly was, that it wasn’t just words on a screen. Josh had loved her so much that Blake would feel he’d let his brother down if something ever happened to her. “How’sRead More →

Since I couldn’t come up with a good idea for a blog post, I thought I’d share a deleted scene from IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES. This was fairly early in the book, between Avery and her best friend, Taylor. *** Avery had spent the last day and a half in a fog, barely aware of what was going on. It seemed every time she opened her eyes someone new was sitting in her room keeping an eye on her. Blake. Alec. Their mother Linda at one point. She even vaguely remembered a phone call with her own  parents from on board their cruise ship, she’dRead More →