Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends 🙂 This month has been crazy weather wise, one day we went from no snow to more than a foot in five hours. Ended up snowed in for the day because it was so bad out that they were telling people to stay off the roads. On the plus side though, while it has been cool it hasn’t been minus 20 or below cold. 🙂 I can do without that for as long as possible. Other than that, taking three workshops this month. One I ended up lurking in a lot more than I would have hoped and itRead More →

Happy November! Have to say I’m so glad October is over. Ended up taking five workshops, it actually would have turned out to be six but one was cancelled before it started, which was probably a good thing. Had enough stress just trying to navigate the ones I ended up being in. Halloween was very quiet. Only had about 18 kids come to the door. Probably because a) it was cold, b) there was snow and c) there aren’t as many kids here as there used to be and d) it was a school night. November should be a quieter month, only taking three workshopsRead More →