I went to change my profile pic on twitter, and now I’m stuck with the egg. Nothing will take. Not on my computer. Not on Dad’s either when I tried his. Argh. I wanted a nice pic up before I put in my round 2 form and now I’m stuck with an egg. So not thrilled right now.Read More →

I can’t keep track anymore and my cold syrup fogged brain isn’t all that willing to help. Plus, counting on my fingers stops them from typing, so I’ll assume I’m on day 10 or 11 of well, the worst cold ever. On the plus side, coughing is slowing down, minus it’s still as bad as it was when I do cough. Plus side, taste seems to be coming back. Bad side, I can now vaguely taste the cough syrup. At least I’m not on Buckley’s because I don’t think I could handle that right now.Read More →

For the last week I’ve had THE worst cold I’ve had in years. What started out as a complete sore throat (which felt like I’d been swallowing those fire sword things) last weekend has now turned into complete coughing fits. I can’t wait till I can go five minutes without coughing like crazy and actually being able to sleep would be great.Read More →