Still waiting to hear if the parapsych course is going to happen Nov/Dec. I can’t make a lot of plans till I know for sure either way. But on the upside, I’m trying to get a lot of things taken care of this month just in case. First, Christmas cards. All ready making my list up and pulled out the Christmas CDs. Just need to find my Xmas Buble CD I know was around somewhere and I can get the cards out of the way.Read More →

Still having a heck of a time with the trial version of the embroidery software. It might be easier if the help files were better or there were some decent tutorials somewhere. I think part of the problem is the import image part. I have my bitmap file sized nice and small (figured that out on the weekend) but then when I go to use auto-trace, the nice pretty line drawing becomes a horrible mess. This may turn out to be used for only text based designs because I really can’t figure out how to get it to work right.Read More →

The weather here has been gorgeous lately, hard to believe it’s October. I’ve been able to sit outside and do some reading and get a lot of good snapshots. The only bad thing is most of the flowers are gone except for some hardy Calendulas, daisies, sweet peas, stocks and a dwarf morning glory that was hidden all summer by the Cosmos that decided to take over. Signed up for three workshops this month, so I need to clean up the inbox and sort it a little better. Two are through the same RWA group, so it’s a little confusing as it is right now.Read More →

Tomorrow is October. How fast did September go? Seems like yesterday I was blogging about August. October looks like it’s going to be a fairly busy month. Thanksgiving. Some classes online and working on Mom’s art. I’m trying to get a good program to turn her sketches into Vectors so we can do more with them. Just downloaded the trial of CorelDraw so I’ll see how it goes. Have 30 days to try and figure it out. :o) Waiting to hear back on another parapsych course. If it’s a go it’ll run from Nov 1st right up till around Christmas so that means another veryRead More →