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Apparently there are snow flurries in the forecast. Argh. How sad is that? And I still need a handful of flower photos to finish off a couple calendars. Hopefully it’s temporary and the white stuff won’t stick around longer than a few hours. Aside from that, keeping busy scanning. Mom’s been on an art binge and I’ve scanned probably thirty different sketches this week. Slowly getting them uploaded where they need to be. Just need to touch up a few more, but it looks like the Christmas designs will be up reasonably early. 🙂 Just found some good sub info and thinking about pulling CSRead More →

Seriously. I think I’d like to turn back time and get some of it back since mine wasn’t the best summer I’ve ever had. Following the concert last month I spent the rest of the month battling a *delightful* round of nausea the likes of which I hope never to see again. :o) That and ginger ale, since I pretty well lived off of it for two weeks straight. Can’t believe it’s September, even though a few of the leaves are already turning and falling. Never like seeing that. Taking one workshop this month and it starts Monday and runs for a month I think.Read More →