I have no idea. Really 🙂 So this could be a bit of a ramble because I don’t have a lot of ideas at the moment. Mind is still on a holiday or it could be pain keeping it from working right. I don’t know what I did to my jaw, but on the left side I get excruciating pain if I a) yawn, b) chew or c) try to talk too much. Not fun. Had it about three days now and I’d like for it to go away soon. Other than that, watching the NHL playoffs as usual and I am on twitter. AnyoneRead More →

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Other then a definite lack of blogging around here. Sorry about that. Things have been crazy since my birthday and last month I finally got my birthday present. Just say nothing will ever top something 19 years in the making and I can only hope they come back to western canada soon. Very soon. Before my 30th or I’ll be telling DW that he’s now my 30th birthday present…although that might not be so bad either *g* as I don’t think he minded being my 29th either lol Anyway, one manuscript has been requested, the ya, which I’m very excited by but as I startedRead More →