The weather outside is FRIGHTFUL!!! Okay, sure, the strong winds aren’t exactly delightful. One tree down the street already snapped. But add in rain that turned to snow? Argh. Please please go away. Though so far it hasn’t decided to stick around long. But it was like our own mini blizzard…in October. Not exactly the weather I want to see a week before halloween. I still need to go outside and gather the seeds off the cerinthe so I can pull the plants. Course with the wind, they may be all the way down the driveway lolRead More →

So, yep, I’m a BAD blogger. No new blogs in quite awhile, but there really hasn’t been much to blog about. Writing is still going. Partials have been submitted, still waiting to hear back. I’m taking about a week off from writing as a mini vacation before NaNo kicks into gear. Still not sure which idea I’m running with yet, there’s been about 3 new ones that have popped up. Guess we’ll see who’s the loudest when November 1st rolls around.Read More →