Sorry for the lack of posting lately (I did post the Janne news, but that’s just because it was a happy event in my world *g*) but I’ve been roped into painting and spending a few hours every night listening to the workshop CDs. Plenty of ah-ha moments, and listening to a few of them had me laughing out loud (at 3 in the morning!) so yeah, a wise investment I think. I’ve done my 2 windows for the day and the shed doors, and can seriously say if I never see another paint brush or can of brilliant white paint, it’ll be too soon.Read More →

In a shocking moment, last night Janne was dealt to the Montreal Canadiens. Yay!! Maybe now he’ll get some ice time and even better, Hockey Night in Canada usually shows the montreal games every Saturday. Woohoo.I’m back to looking fwd to hockey againRead More →