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So today’s always a roughish day for me. 5 years ago I had to put my beloved 4 year old shih tzu down. Its weird to realize he’s now been gone longer than I had him. :o(

Spent some of the morning sitting outside. Its finally nice enough (we had 2 thunderstorms yesterday. One in the afternoon and one at 7 that the thunder shook the house. Always nice lol) Finished reading my arc of Christina Dodd’s SCENT OF DARKNESS. Love that book!! Its a great, dark para that’s out next month. Just started the sequel, TOUCH OF DARKNESS and three chaps in.

Writing’s going slow. SLOW. Like non existant. I love how my head starts rewriting my last manuscript now. :o) Amuses me to no end.

Since writing is well not happening right now, I’m making a dent in my TBR pile. I mentioned Christina’s. Finished off Stephanie Tyler’s RISKING IT ALL. I think its one of my favorite blazes of the year. Have to see if anyone over at Pink Heart Society has reviewed it yet. If not, I’ll write one up. (I signed up to review last year, but haven’t put one up yet. Though in my defence I was asked to review a couple intrigues that never arrived. Darn post office!)

Read anything good lately?

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  1. Just finished reading Kill me Twice by Roxanne St. Claire. Awesome book, I highly recommend it. I read it during my own writing slump, which I’m now out of so the sequel will have to wait until my next slump 🙂

    Sorry about your poor dog. Anniversaries like that are rough.

  2. Haven’t read that one yet, have to pick it up. I like Roxanne’s writing 🙂 Yay on being out of the writing slump!

    Thanks Julie. Yeah, yesterday was tough. He was ‘my’ first dog, I got him when I was 17. My parents had a german shephard when I was little but I don’t remember him all that much

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