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I’m typing this up now because I’m afraid if I don’t well I’ll forget some of it. Anyways, went to the wedding, was very nice. A little long in the sweltering heat (no air in the church, just open windows). So we’re the first ones at the reception, we sit in the car for awhile then finally go in. Sign the guest book. Get to our table and stake out our seats at the back of the room, near the doors because we figure once they open them we can get a nice breeze. Watch the rest of the people file in (including one guy who decided to change an entire table’s name). Had a really nice couple at our table. I’m sure I used to be friends with someone who looked like the wife, I’m pretty darn sure they have to be cousins or something.

Okay, now here’s where things get odd. I noticed this guy in church with his girlfriend a few rows back and at the reception he’s sitting at the table over. (And let me point out, because I feel its important. Completely not my type. I have a certain type, and this guy…really wasn’t it) And he keeps kinda looking over and he’s blowing bubbles our way and stuff. Fine. Whatever. There’s weird people everywhere right? This one’s just another one of them. But a few hours go by and he comes to the table (its just me and my parents at that point) and goes ‘are you finnish?’ er no, just blonde thanks. So yeah he goes away after asking how i know the groom and then about half hour later mom and dad go out to get some air and I’m left alone and he comes back and he goes ‘are you sad?’ uh excuse me? Why? ‘you look sad just sitting here. don’t you have a date?’ now here ladies and gents I should have lied, well yes..or my boyfriend, my big muscular boyfriend is just out of town at the moment… but I didn’t. So I said no. And he says well how old are you and I tell him and he asks what I do and I told him I write and he says he’s a journalist (erm ok? I’m supposed to be impressed?) and then he goes i met my girlfriend on lavalife. you should try it. I about fell off my chair!! And then he recommends another one, while staring down my dress. Yes, thank you very much sleazy boy. Hitting on me while your girlfriend’s dancing on the dance floor. *insert eye roll here* Completely ruined my night by that point. And I had the oddest unnerving vibes. Maybe I’m just not used to guys being that blatent staring at my cleavage.

But it has possibilities for a book no?

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  1. What a sleaze! I hope he got tripped up on the dancefloor or something.

  2. What Jessica said. But, Lis, don’t be upset – he’s not worth it. And you must have a nice cleavage!

  3. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks he’s sleazy. After I posted I went, er maybe just me? As far as I know, no tripping on the dancefloor but maybe he fell down outside? *evil grin*

    and lol Olga, apparently I do :o) Both of my grandma’s are/were busty and I inherited that, not sure some days whether that’s good or bad!

  4. I’m sure I used to be friends with someone who looked like the wife, I’m pretty darn sure they have to be cousins or something. LOL, sounds like my life.

    Yeah, he was a sleaze, but hey, great book fodder.

  5. I kept looking at her going, she’s gotta be related to Emily somehow lol

    I’m so going to work that into a ms one of these days. Its just too…icky cringe worthy, though maybe a nice way for the hero to appear (not as the slimy guy of course *g*) There was just something weird about the guy though, like he reminds me when I think back of a manager at McDonalds you know how they wear those short sleeve button up shirts?

    And ya know, I just thought of something. Just because I didn’t have a date that night, doesn’t mean I may not have had a boyfriend hmmm…weird. I keep thinking he’s going to lavalife to see if I’ve signed up lmao

  6. Leave him as the jerk. Doesn’t have to be the hero – in fact, you’ve given me a lightbulb moment. *gg*

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