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Well I now have that Patsy Cline song in my head :o)

But November 1st means the start of that much beloved time of year for the writers among us. NaNoWriMo. Or as I called it to myself last year, Why Didn’t I Just Say No?

This is my 3rd year doing NaNo. Year one I wrote most of Sabrina in a blinding flash. Year Two I did most of my work on Dangerous Games, all handwritten (a lot still needs to be typed up) and now, year three. I should be old hat at this, but its still like standing at the edge of a cliff and looking way way down knowing in 30 days you’ll reach the bottom but till you get there, you have no idea how your going down. The pantster that I am, I tend to run backwards and then taking a running leap, freefalling for the next 30 days and hopefully next 60K words. Because as long as you have a finished draft at the end, you have something to work with.

So I’m doing YA this year. Sticking my 2007 trend. 05 and 06 were straight urban fantasy, and if the idea hits then I’ll probably put a little U.F in here, but so far, mine seems to want to stay straight contemporary.

If the blog is silent a few days this month, you’ll know why. I just can’t type another word lol

Anyone else joining me in the insanity better known as NaNo?

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