All right so its not even in the minus double digits yet, but I did freeze my fingers outside helping hang some of the Christmas lights. Two hours later and I’m still cold and can’t quite get warm. No fun!! But the lights look really pretty and there isn’t any snow **yet**. Hoping it stays that way for quite awhile thank you 🙂 Did take some pictures of the lights but they kept blurring with the digital which is a shame. Will have to try and fix the shutter setting if I can, definitely think that’s the problem. I totally can’t believe its past theRead More →

TIRISSA AND THE NECKLACE OF NULIDORby WillowOutskirts Press, Inc.ISBN# 978-4327-4013-9 TIRISSA AND THE NECKLACE OF NULIDOR is an imaginative fantasy YA read, perfect for fans of fantasy adventure and quests. Descriptive and detailed, young Tirissa must set out on her own after her village falls under a spell, ironically, or maybe not the same day she sees a mysterious bird in the sky. Along the way, she meets a troll, Oglo, who quickly befriends her and promises to help her on her quest to find a way to reverse the spell. Along the way, the truth about Tirissa’s past comes to light. She’d already knownRead More →

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