Better late then never. The new nemesias, so pretty. The colors are so bright in person. And the cosmos which came back on their own. The original ones were a bright red pink edging but I like this coloring too.Read More →

INDIGO AWAKENING: A DOCTOR’S MEMOIR OF FORGING AN AUTHENTIC LIFE IN A TURBULENT WORLD DR. JANINE TALTY, DO Elite Books ISBN# 978-1-60070-063-7 INDIGO AWAKENING is the true life story of Dr. Janine Talty and her challenges growing up as an Indigo child, a term she doesn’t learn until later on life. As a child, she has the ability to tap into past life memories and is a skilled artist and healer along with her father to the hurt and injured animals that seem drawn to her, but school is beyond difficult. She has a hard time interacting with other kids, and some subjects, especially mathRead More →

In my quest to blog more, I was going to go outside, take some nice photos and share…then I checked my business email and that plan got pushed back because… I got an agent request for a partial on D.I. So happy!!!!!!! I haven’t queried this one in awhile and I totally revamped the query. So I’ll be spending my weekend sitting in the hot sun, doing a quick reread and revising anything that looks wonky and double checking my synopsis.Read More →

Can I have my summer back? Seriously???? August was like blink and you miss it. Course with computer problems (Did I alienate the computer gods that bad at some point?), Dad’s cataract surgeries, people’s birthdays, and some really wacky weather thrown in, it totally feels like I didn’t get a lot done. Which I didn’t. 🙁 My poor poor flowers are still stunted, although they are now blooming (okay, most of them) which is nice to see. Nemesia’s are my favorite this year hands down. Tried a new variety with bright reds, oranges and yellows and they are gorgeous. Blooms the size of quarters. WillRead More →