Its been a BUGGER of a month. MAJOR Tech issues out the wazoo. From 2 weeks without the internet, to getting only one connected, to trying to hook up the gateway which wouldn’t let ANYTHING connect, to finally getting the desktop to have internet access (which is good because its the only one with WORD on it), having no working printer, then my cd burner died which meant I couldn’t back up anything while I had no internet… to replacing the burner… to having issues with being able to install anything b/c of msiexec.exe running multiple times. I swear its lucky I haven’t gone eitherRead More →

It feels like I should tap a microphone or something. Am I actually online???? I’m not really too sure. After having the net die on me almost two Wednesdays ago now; dealing with some pretty incompetent tech support (do you speak english?); rebooting the computer a billion times; finally getting one modem that would refused to work; waiting 5 days for telus to mail out another modem, which wasn’t the one they promised which still didn’t work. Go through tech support again (reboot; unplug modem; plug in modem; change ip addresses… yaddayaddayadda and still the LIMITED OR NO CONNECTIVITY pop up kept appearing which meant,Read More →