Or: Why YOU Don’t Want To Have TELUS DSL, (unless you want to be screwed) First off, I am currently writing this via the very short amount of time I have available on dial up, yes that’s right. DIAL UP!!! Why you might ask? Because the telus supplied ADSL D-link DSL-300G modem unceremoniously died sometime early Wednesday night, rendering me without internet. First I thought it was just the wireless couldn’t connect, so I went down, flicked the power off and on like they usually say. Still nothing. I check the phone line because in the last 3 months we’ve been without a phone/internet becauseRead More →

Well, the long weekend wasn’t all that productive writing wise. Was having pain off and on for three days which meant I couldn’t even sit at the computer for any length of time, which meant no work got done *sigh* Did manage to watch the Pens game, go Pens go!! So glad they’re moving on to the finals. I’m so tempted to buy my Sid jersey now, because I could get the stanley cup finals crest on it… decisions, decisions, decisions. And I found out one of my favorite bands of all time is playing Edmonton in November. Sweet!! I never got to see themRead More →

Twenty-seven-year-old Kristi Bentz is lucky to be alive. Not many people her age have nearly died twice at the hands of a serial killer, and lived to tell about it. Her dad, New Orleans detective, Rick Bentz, wants Kristi to stay in New Orleans and out of danger. But if anything, Kristi’s experiences have made her even more fascinated by the mind of the serial killer. She hasn’t given up her dream of being a true-crime writer–of exploring the darkest recesses of evil–and now she just may bet her chance. Three girls have disappeared at All Saints College in less than two years. All threeRead More →

It is SO nice to finally see blue sky. Even though the wind on the weekend made it feel freezing cold at times, blue sky was up above. And I can easily admit I can’t wait for the first thunderstorm of the year :o) Did a little planting on the weekend. 3 pots worth. Couldn’t remember where I’d put my sweet pea seeds, so I did a little mixing and matching, godetia with gelato ice daisy in one; petunia and snapdragons in another and one pot all the flowers that look like butterflies. Since I couldn’t concentrate most of the weekend, I didn’t get aRead More →

I just noticed how long its been since I posted on here. Eeks. Sorry for the silence. But the flu stayed around longer than expected. Add that to the desktop that likes to randomly freeze up and yeah, blogging hasn’t exactly been #1 on my to-do list. Moderated the YA chat at Enchanting Reviews last night. Was fun, we chatted with Lauren Henderson, who’s first YA came out in January. I have one more chat next Wednesday with Robin Benway then none until the 27th I think. Other then that, still busy editing/aditing to various ms/wip. It looks like spring might actually be here (watch,Read More →