What do you mean that’s a christmas song? No, seriously its the weather right now. Absolutely frightful. Okay, not that bad @ this exact second but its been blowing pretty good all day and we’re supposed to get high winds tonight. Am I glad there’s an Oilers game on TV tonight (and Jussi is rumored to be in goal. Woohoo! *starts humming oilers goal song*) I found the second set of picturesso just need to scan them so I can show my pretty stuffed bookshelf looking oh so nice and pretty — which it isn’t so much now. In fact its pretty messy. Once IRead More →

At least in blog land. I’ve been making the trek around the blogs this weekend, and traveling through sidebars. Its amazing to see how many are linked back to people I ‘know’. So weird! Bailey’s pops up quite a bit and so does Olga’s. And in a surprise, I saw my own listed on PHS’s diet blog. Honestly I barely remember commenting on the thread lol. So once I figure out how to get that snazzy little logo on the sidebar, I’ll post about the exercise progress. (still need the cute dancing heart too to make me an ‘official’ PHS gal!) I’ve discovered a coupleRead More →

On the edits but still slow. Smoothed out a bit of a few rough edges in one chapter and am piecing together the next set (the Damon incident should be the set after these). This is the chaos that comes from writing any old scene then having to put it together like a puzzle. Not to mention the partial I subbed was a revamped version and I lost at least a good chapter and a half off the original version. Ai yi yi. And I’ve decided I’m boring. Really. Not a lot to blog about lately. Watched the Oilers game. Don’t like the new ‘goon’.Read More →

Okay Microsoft Word is making me crazy. I’m trying to format what I have so far of one manuscript and its not cooperating. Its putting entire paragraphs on the next page when there’s more than enough room for it to fit on the same page. I’m just hoping the formatting wasn’t this bad on the partials I’ve subbed or I’m going to look like an idiot. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’m obviously clueless and new to Word so I don’t know where half the settings are. I miss works!!Read More →

Well its now into the downright balmy minus teens. As the guy on the radio said, time to break out the speedo and grab a prime piece of snow. hehe Not much new. Though no news = hopefully good news on submissions right? Tackled some of the tbr pile on the wknd. Finished HELL’S BELLES by Jackie Kessler (luved it!!) and Michelle Rowen’s BITTEN AND SMITTEN (hilarious book!!) and next up is THE BLONDE GEISHA which I was lucky enough to win at ehq’s open house last month. And since my new PC Cast book in the Divine series arrived yesterday, that’ll jump to theRead More →

Well its still freezing cold, but the blizzard wasn’t as blizzardly as they predicted — though we did get 10-15cm of the white stuff (4-6 inches) on Wednesday. I don’t like the cold, though I guess it could be worse then our minus 21 high, Manitoba’s sitting at minus 50 with wind or were yesterday. Sorry for not posting sooner, blogger was down when I tried the other day. Edited to add — a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Nell for having her book THINGS TO DO up now on amazon.com :o)Read More →

Or soon to be. Apparently tomorrow and Wednesday we’re poised to get the worst winter storm since 1989. The winds got up pretty good last night and I guess a friend of ours had some siding blow off his house. We lost power once today while they were repairing it since some of the city lost power last night (we didn’t) so I may be quiet on email and blogging the next few days. Really not looking forward to this. We’re due to hit the late -30s plus wind…eeks, too cold to even talk about. Hope everyone’s having a good week.Read More →