There are currently three partials winging their way east. Two destined for NYC and one to PA. Fingers crossed they will be delivered. Had another new girl at the post office who informed me to go the cheapest and they’ll get there in 14 business days. Uhmmm no…try again…went through the next two ideas one for $10 and $20 apiece then finally she realized they could go small packet air for $7.50. So took that one seeing as if they go missing, I get my money back. :o) Then went shopping. Grabbed some early Xmas presents for dad and finally after 12 years found aRead More →

Till the puck drops. The excitement…the anticipation…the time to dig out the ol’ jersey. Now that I’ve let that bit of woohoo out of my system, I can concentrate on my nerves. I’m mailing out the partials tomorrow, needed time to think up a decent cover letter (I hate them, I really really hate them), figure out my bio (its a line and a half!) and then reread the partial. I found Jas fought back a yawn, rolled over and then yup, finally yawned. Hmmm…guess I really was proofing at 4 am the day I printed that out lol But labels are printed for theRead More →

Dancing With The Stars – The Dance Off = or as I call it, O’Hurley whines and moans till we call him champ. *eye rolls* As my mom said yesterday, they better have a dance off with the next one or its fixed. And please, him saying no one deserved a 30 out of 30. Well then I guess neither do you buddy. Phhft! :o) NHL Centre Ice – why advertise and show the exhibition games in the listings if your not turning the darn channels on until October 5th. *shakes head* But thanks to NHL Network I at least get to see the IslandersRead More →

Or so it feels like it. Going through my list of agents, updating addresses and emails to get ready to send out stuff. Gotta admit there’s a little nervous excitement going on right now! *g* And to top of that this is the middle of a good week, last night I got to watch hockey. As in real NHL, hockey, live as it was being played. The New York Islanders *g* vs the New York Rangers. Ah the excitement, the rush, real NHL Players on my tv again. It was almost a miracle I got to see the game, since it wasn’t advertised and weRead More →

Do to the wonders of google, I’m going to put this question on here in case someone googles and knows the answer. a) how to harvest seeds or seed pods from Martha Washington Geraniums. b) how to harvest seeds from a dahliaRead More →

I know I promised these a long time ago, but I couldn’t find the roll of film but finally found it and took them in today. This was them about 3 weeks ago, I’m going to take some more this week and get them developed sooner. The lavateras have gone bloom crazy in bright hot pink (yay!) so I should get lots of seeds off those and the cosmos that took over are slow to bloom, so be busy fertilizing them tomorrow. Anyways, here’s my green thumb at work:Read More →